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Here are some great 2pac sites on the net.  If you want your 2pac site link on this page, Email me & tell me.  In return, I wish you could do the same for my site.

My nigga Cash's 2pac site is one of the best out there.  Its filled with info, pics, the whole nine yards baby!  A must-see for a 2pac fan.

JD Bastin's 2pac memorium page. One of the best 2pac pages ever made.  Deserves alot of credit for all the work he has put towards his page.

Official Deathrow Records website.  List all upcoming Deathrow releases, news, updates, and good info.  Could be better though...they should re-construct it.

Great website.  Has alot of good sound clips, videos, updates, and alot more 2pac stuff.  Best when viewed in frames but its all good.  You gotta give some credit to this great site.

2pac's World

This site has to be looked at by a real 2pac fan!  I loved the whole thing and the creator is very cool.  great video tapes for sale as well!

My friend Andy Corn's 2pac/Deathrow website.  Has great track listing, chat, & much more.  Keep checking back to this page because he updates on a regular basis.

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More 2pac Links

Alex's Tupac Tribute 2pac Tribute Page Tha Makaveli Page Great 2pac Tribute
The Tupac Spot My Favorite 2pac Page Tupac Amaru Shakur A Very Good Tribute
Luminet Tupac Tribute Rob's Tupac Page Juliets 2pac Page Artist of the Week
Anotha Makaveli Site Jazzy'z 2pac Tribute Rome's Makaveli Page Good 2pac Tribut
Thug Life Central A well-done Tribute Kieran's 2pac Page Thug4lyfe's 2pac Page
Tupac Shakur Tribute Mr. Blunt's Tupac Shit Tupac Amaru Shakur 2 Submit Your 2pac Site

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