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Our Last Words To...

Tupac Amaru Shakur

-Rest In Peace-

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       Name: Tupac Amaru Shakur

       Birth Name: Lesane Crooks

       Occupation: Rapper/Actor/Poet

       Date of Birth: June 16, 1971

       Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY

       Date of Death: September 13, 1996

       Place of Death: Las Vegas, NV


My Final Thoughts

Tupac was my inspiration to overcome some difficult things over the years.  His lyrics were like words of wisdom to me.  Through his songs, I could understand his life and it seemed as if I was living with him through the times he sang about.  Tupac was definetly not a bad person though the media made everyone think that.  Sometimes, people just don't understand the real niggaz from the fake niggaz!  I love tupac tremendously, and his words meant alot to me as well.  I know there are alot of people who understand what I'm saying because they feel the same way.  I was at school when I saw the news about 2pac getting shot.  At that point, the media said that 2pac was going to be just fine, but as the days past...2pac got worse.  The weird part of the whole thing is that a week before the shooting ever happened, I had a dream that I was driving home with my friends after coming back from a party and all of a sudden we started hearing very loud gunshots.  Everyone ducked down except me which caused me to get shot in my throat and in my chest.  After that, all I could recall seeing was my mama's face, and then I left my soul.  I woke up from that dream and I was sweating and terrified.  Then, after the news of Tupac passing away almost the same way as my dream got me even more scared...I didn't know what it could have meant.  All I know is that all this bullshit gotta stop before it takes another hero away from our lives.  There ain't no east coast or west coast music...its all a hip hop nation.  Rest in peace pac, biggie, & all the real heads that passed away.

- M.Watson 1997

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" me in the cemetery dressed in black, tonight we honor those dead & those who won't be back.  So if  I die do the same for me, shed no tears.  An outlaw, thug livin in this game for years..."

-Tupac Shakur